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Executive Presence, Building Confidence & Trust -- Jan. WIT@work virtual webinar

  • Friday, January 27, 2023
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • free, virtual WIT@Work learning event


  • Free attendance for High School and College Students.

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Executive presence is a term that’s often used and sought after but is considered magical and elusive. Professional presence is critical, but it doesn’t need to be mysterious.

Executive presence is a skill, not a trait — happily, this means it’s something you can cultivate and build. In this hour session, we’ll learn about the power of perception and break down the nonverbal keys of influence — communicating warmth and competence cues.

Register and save your spot for the virtual, zoom webinar here:

Date: Friday, January 27, 2023

Time: 12/noon- 1 pm

LocationWIT@work virtual webinar via Zoom


Kristin Bock — aka Woman Determined To Make Sure People Feel Seen & Heard — is a speaker, coach, and the founder of Body Language Blueprints, an online platform that helps leaders and professionals win more clients, enchant audiences, & supercharge their communities.

Kristin is on a mission to help leaders provide the nonverbal respect everyone wants and needs. In 2018, Bock left her job of 25+ years to pursue her love of body language and believes it’s more imperative today than ever. With workplace dynamics rapidly changing and evolving, she’s committed to teaching professionals and leaders its critical importance in building connection and promoting inclusion. Kristin believes that showing civility, including to those with differing viewpoints, is needed now more than ever. Or, as her grandpa used to say, “We’re all quirky different, so you better know how to relate”! Kristin partners with leaders to improve their self-awareness and interactions with others. She has given numerous talks about connecting with people virtually, has coached TEDx speakers, and has been featured on The List.

Kristin self-identifies as a “Nonverbal Nerd” and hopes to one day be viewed as cool by her children. She is a thought bubble enthusiast and only once did she meet a seven-layer bar she didn’t like.

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